Thursday, February 14, 2008

another day, another blog

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

You know, in my younger days, I used to always call it Valenswines Day. I guess I found it funny.

This year, I think I'm really just calling it Thursday.

I'm lucky in that in my new life as a SAHM (that's Stay At Home Mom for those of your not familiar with the acronym), if you will, I don't need a special day to remind me to love those around me and be thankful for them. My job, quite literally, is to shower an itty human with affection--among other things of course, like change messy diapers and try to figure out how to discipline him so that he understands boundaries in this world--and nurture our lovely furry family members, and I certainly shouldn't forget dear hubby Jeremy in all this. Maybe my dear spouse is why I do need a Valentine's Day though. Sadly, he is probably the one that gets the shortest end of the stick when it comes to my attention, my patience, and my affection. Poor guy! Isn't this how it is with so many of us though? I shouldn't feel too guilty or too alone in this, right? Oh please tell me I'm right on this one!

This life of mine as a domestic diva--a term I use when I don't feel like saying SAHM again--isn't too busy. At least not yet, with Bug being so young and us living in a place where taking him out during winter isn't the best idea. I know lots of people who are ten times busier than me. Do I think that makes for happier people? Or more successful people? To be honest, no, I really don't. Of course, that's good because if I did I would pretty much be saying I believe myself to be an unsuccessful, potentially depressed, loser. That's not a healthy outlook, now is it?

What exactly am I getting at? Is that what you're thinking? You can be honest.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I like this life that isn't scheduled so tight we can't breathe, where we're not trying to run from one activity to the next. This life, this amazingly un-busy life, allows for time for all that thankfulness, nurturing, and loving that days like today are supposed to celebrate. So really, I have no excuse for J not reaping all these benefits too, if our life is so un-busy as I proclaim. That just means it is my own shortcoming and one I hope to work on. I imagine--and hope--I'll have years and years ahead of us to master a balance of my energies that doesn't leave him out.

And now for the disclaimer: I am not saying that busy people with busy families aren't full of love and caring and other good stuff. Lots of people provide a wonderfully loving environment for their families all the while running in 8 different directions on any given day. And some people are even happy doing this. All the above statements really just pertain to me and my family. They are not in any way to be construed as judgments on other people. And anyway, I understand that as Grady gets older, it will follow that we will all get busier as a family. So I'm thankful for the slow days we have now, I know they don't last.

Okay, there, I feel better. I started to worry I might offend people in some way. We're all different, so don't go worrying any of your pretty little heads about any of the nonsense that flows from my keyboard.

Oh goodness, I nearly forgot I promised pictures. No, I don't have any cute Valentine-themed pictures of Grady, because I've succumb to convention that dictates hearts and flowers and lovey-dovey accouterments are not for little boys. You'll have to settle for him in his green track suit from Mema and Papa (don't he look cute!).

Roast Monkey for supper, not tonight though. ;)

Bugga up close. Looking rather unsure about the camera.

This is how Bug fell asleep for nap one day this past weekend. I think he literally was playing until the moment he was out. As in the past, after we took pictures, we rearranged him more comfortably in his bed before leaving him in slumberland. Lest anyone think we're totally mean and just let him sleep in this unbearably uncomfortable position. Of course, it was comfortable enough for him to fall asleep in the first place I guess...

Grady enjoying that box a little more; one of the best toys he's had in a while. =) It's still in our living room.

In case anyone was wondering if J and I have plans for tonight, here it is. We're making french onion soup for our special supper. Sounds romantic in a smelly way right? Well, unless you've never been around my dear husband, you realize that's the only state of romance with him. (I'm referring to his gas, his flatulence, his "natural flora" as a doctor once referred to it.) I fear he comes by it completely naturally (no offense Danny and Linda!), so sometimes competing scents are really a good plan. Onion is a good strong one, don't you think?


Danelle said...

Hey Amanda! I FINALLY had a chance to visit your precious!!! I'll have to read further but stopped here to comment. I look back on the unbusy days of our live as the BEST days of our lives (yes, I realize that I keep repeating 'days of our lives'...and, no, I don't watch the soap). Definitely relish it because they do grow up way too fast and will ultimately make your life busy. Although, we still try to lead a relatively unbusy life...doesn't always work that way. Anyway, love the blog and pics!!! Tell J hi!! Jenna is going to be so excited to see pics of her cousin Grady...the boys, too. By the way, sounds like a great Valentine's dinner. We had fondue night at the Whitmore remembrance of The Melting Pot....without the price tag!!! Kelvin has used that 'natural flora' bit a few too many times since learning it from J!! I feel (and smell) your pain!! Later....

Amanda said...

Hi Danelle!!!

Jeremy says "go Kelvin" abou the "natural flora." Boys! *shaking my head*

Days of our lives...haha...I know you're too busy to be watching that! ;) Yes, I hear you. I realized as I was writing that as he grows, it is just inevitable that life will get so, so busy.

Fondue sounds good! And in this nice big kitchen of ours (bigger than our last anyway) I actually know where our pot it. Hmmm, getting hungry.

Thanks for commenting Danelle! I need to email you, it's been forever.