Sunday, February 24, 2008

10 things I hate about Sunday night

Ugh. Sunday night. Just...ugh.

Eh...I don't really have the energy to come up with 10 things I hate about it, so let's just skip to the number one reason:

We can't ever seem to get to sleep on Sunday night.

No matter how early we try to get to bed, no matter how tired we are, no matter now much we need the rest, sleep proves a very, very elusive thing on Sunday nights around here.

Maybe for J it is because he has a test every Monday morning, and he never feels prepared for it. That doesn't explain why I can't sleep though, unless his restlessness is spreading over to me through some inexplicable, near-seamless connection that we possess as husband and wife(I'm so sure, right?!). Maybe I'm keyed up from the flurry of weekend activity. For me, there is usually more activity packed into Saturday and Sunday than in the entire week from Monday to Friday. I do more laundry, more cleaning, and more out of the house errands and activities. It's all more and I don't always like it. Sometimes I do, but mostly it all needs to get done and it's easiest when there is someone with whom to share the responsibility (and the fun, don't get me wrong, he's tons of fun) of little mister Bugga.

I just want to sleep! And hopefully since I retreated back out to the computer to blog, J has been able to capture that elusive creature. I suppose he needs it more than me.

And now for the weekend in review....

Farmer Brown joined us Saturday for an outing to St. Cloud. He sowed (haha) the seeds of cuteness with his loud babbling all through Cost Plus World Market, harvested up a heaping helping of his charm on the saleslady in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and then konked out snuggled up against Momma in his sling in Old Navy (I don't have a farming-themed verb for that one) and even slept through our first ever journey into a packed Chipotle Grill (line clear to the door!).

After we got home, I was so tired I ended up taking a nap (THANK YOU J! I love you, you're the best hubby ever!). Bugga, on the other hand, did not. ;) Shortly after this picture, J reported to me that Grady used the truck to somehow climb onto the lounger--how did the truck not roll away?--and then promptly fell off going after my book that he pushed off first. See what happens when Momma takes a break?!

Moving on to, yesterday now....the day when everyone but Momma was sleeping. Bug took a really long nap, very uncharacteristic for him these days, and J and Paisley and Turdie were snoring on the lounger (okay, not really about the snoring) and Monka was sleeping on the chair. It was so blissfully quiet. Then Grady woke up. Then he discovered all the still-resting family members on the lounger....

....and decided they'd had enough rest. It was time to get up and play already!!!

Now it is the wee morning hours, after midnight, and again it is blissfully quiet. I can hear the refrigerator humming along, the heat just kicked off, and there's that strange buzz of quiet. Buzz of quiet. That's right. What? Quiet doesn't buzz for you? Maybe quiet itself is so foreign to my ears these days that my mind decides to fill the void.

I should really head off and try to turn buzz into simply zzzzzz.....


G&M said...

Looks like we were "BLOGGIN" at the same time!!! HAHAHA... I said it... bloggin... I verbed it! Ok, Happy Birthday girl... I will try to call you later today... being that it is 12:30 am here!

Lindsey said...

Were those pj's the ones with the dino on them from us? Cause if they are he looked very cute in them....I loved the picture with grady in the truck. I showed brandon and then I said that maybe that wasn't the best gift for grady at this current mischevious time in his life....but then I thought I just help to keep you and J on your toes ;)

Amanda said...

Yes Lindsey, those are your dino pjs! I feel so bad, because I forgot about them and the cute digging one-piece and a cute one-piece from J's parents too and they're all nearly too small now, but they're so cute, we're kind of squeezing him into them for a little bit. Since we finally unpacked a little more and discovered them!

The truck is totally fun! And a little danger just keeps things interesting. HAHAHAHA.

Amanda said...

Tara! I can't believe we were blogging at the same time. Sounds really's no fun if you don't verb it. ;)

Thanks for my birthday wishes, here and on your blog! I could have used some of that cake you made (we didn't have any, crazy huh?).