Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A good day

Awww, just felt the need to share some Wednesday good-ness.

Coffee on our trusty chemex...manual drip baby, seriously the best coffee.
Fresh snow from yesterday's storm.  Pretty! =)
The Bugga playing with a zipper.
Hammer, formerly foster dog extraordinaire Timon, is visiting for the week.  {Believe me, I'll be back with pictures, because you would NOT believe the squish-a-muffin he has turned out to be!}
AND last, but certainly not least, our good friends the Stewart family are leaving the sunshine of AZ to come visit the snow of MN tomorrow and we are so excited!!!  

Stewarts left NY just a few short months before we moved away and we haven't seen each other since.  Okay, so that only amounts to about a year and half, but that is certainly long enough to be ready to sit down with some good dessert and laugh it up for a few nights, which is exactly what we have planned.  Go figure. ;)

Here's hoping Wednesday is finding you all steeped in some kind of goodness too.  =)

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