Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just can't keep up...

Oh for goodness sakes, I'm so behind on things I'd like to blog at this point, that I'm not sure I can catch up.  That is when I usually just go for a mammoth, and often rambling, post with little direction or resolution.  Yup, that sounds like the plan, just not today.

Jeremy has entered the realm of 12-hour days, thankfully just 5 days a week and not the 6 days originally called for when the discussion began a few months back.  This will carry on for about 6 weeks.  Right through the Bugga man's big bad 2nd birthday.  Good thing we don't have anything spectacular planned, as we'll probably be lucky if J can keep his eyes open by that point. ;)

On top of that delightful-ness, we have a new foster doggie.  And...hmmm...what to say?!  Let's just say, she has evoked one of my favorite sayings many a time already:  sometimes the most challenging things in life are the most rewarding.  ;)  Her name is Olive.  She is beautiful.  I imagine you'll be seeing more of her, that is, if she lasts (there is an application in on her right now!).  We are not her first foster home, she has been with ARLP for a little over 2 months and we are actually her 3rd stop (4th, if you count a less than 2 day stop at a temporary foster home).


Hopefully I will return with updates on the following:

* Hambone's wonderful visit (formerly Timon-Moanie)
* Our reunion with great pals the Stewart family!!!
* Bugga's fear of change (warning:  sad picture, poor Buggie)

Maybe at night, when J is snoring by a little after 8p, often involuntarily, I can's a thought.  Of course, that assumes nothing else needs to be done.  HAHAHA, that hasn't kept me from blogging before. ;)  Check you all later! =)


mrs boo radley said...

I would surmise from your blog header photo that you are teaching the Bug how to escape if there is a fire.

Pretty poochie. My husband wants to name our future daughter Olive. That was his grandmother's name. Olivia Engel, aka Olive.

Less than a month until you have a 2 year-old, no?

. sarah . said...

Love your header photo! Your boy is too cute.

I hear ya, the work and play is never ending, it's getting them in the right order, weeding certain things out, and enjoying life as you do it all :)

G&M said...

ok... so I see how it is... noooooo pics of our reunion... I see the importance here

Amanda said...

No way Stewarts! It is matter of trying to decide among the many photos...ugh. You know me, I'm indecisive and having so many to choose from does NOT help. ;)