Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Momma don't know...

...won't hurt her.  In theory.


That is, unless you take pictures and leave them for Momma to find. ;)

Don't forget the action shot.


So there went any attempts on my part to teach Bugga that his truck stays on the ground.  And NOT on the lounger, the chair, on the table, ON the dogs, ON the cats, ON Momma.  Oh well.  =)


Lindsey said...

sorry if what I thought was a great toy for him to have has turned in to a nightmare for you. Though it does make me feel really good that he loves his truck so much.

Amanda said...

No, it is far from a nightmare! It is one of his favorite toys for sure, only he calls it his "car" (or really "caaa" because he's from Boston evidently). =)