Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hide your breakables!

It has happened once again.  Another dish, broken.  Nay...shattered.  Somehow, I can't go a week without breaking a dish.  Really.  All our dishes shiver and quake in anticipation, always wondering "is it my time?"  I reach into the cabinet and I literally hear them all suck in their (admittedly nonexistent) breath, waiting, watching.

And so I've also come to the conclusion that my toddler's propensity for spilling his water and flying head over feet during normal daily activities is at least partly genetic, and not wholly "typical toddler," as I may like to believe.

Before Bug was born, I would have said any genetic tendency toward the awkward and clumsy would come from J.  No offense meant there really...but who among the two of us put an axe in his foot?  And who among the two of us could barely eat a meal--particularly a potentially long-term stain-inducing meal--without spilling any or all of it on himself or the furniture?  That would be my husband, on both counts.

But then Bugga came.  Who cared who spilled anymore...the house was a wreck anyway, right?!  ;)  Just recently though, it has become painfully clear that I am the walking disaster of the household.  Dishes seem to be my main victims of late.  But the downstairs couch and carpet remember fondly a thorough soaking in red wine by yours truly not so long ago.  (If ever there was a reason not to imbibe, huh?!)

Today, it was a freshly rewarmed plate of breakfast pizza leftovers.  For all I know, I ingested tiny fragments of glass because I am not one to waste food...especially food that was essentially ready to be eaten. ;)  And Bug learns, once again, that "there are certain messes Momma and Papa have to clean up, honey..." *sigh*

No current photo evidence of my plights, though I do have a couple to share of Bugga and his newest, old toy.  Hmmm...surprising the camera has yet to fall victim to my lack of coordination or control. ;)  Get it?!  "Fall" victim...okay, sorry.  Moving on...

Can you believe this tattered little bunny is from my childhood?  


And it even still "sang."  =)  Til day 2 of its journey into Bugga's childhood, that is.  Oh well, it's still cute and he still loves to carry bunny around.


Yes, Bugga got a haircut this weekend. Likewise, I know it looks awful crooked up front there. It will grow though. ;) A little crooked never hurt anyone. Okay, that may not be true, but in this instance, I'm sticking with it.

So, I wonder if there is a background of shattered glass and spilled food out there for the blog.  It might better represent the real me, after all. ;)


nathaniel, elizabeth, & grace said...

Your current clumsiness cracks me up (and how 'bout that alliteration, huh?)! Only because I can relate...not that I've broken dishes or anything, but I'm pretty sure- and my college roommate can attest to this- that I didn't get through a single lunch in the dining hall in four years without spilling my water. I feel your pain!

mrs boo radley said...

Oh, I am totally clumsier than most people! This is why the hardwoods in our kitchen have many sets of four little holes everywhere...from when I drop forks tines down.