Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good-bye July

Welp, tomorrow marks another month gone. I cannot believe it! I have been a horribly absent blogger this month. Can't think of anything outstanding to account for it either, just summer laziness I suppose. And maybe the fact that this guy is becoming such a little boy (read, not my baby anymore):

Ever since we got him some legos, it seems we can't get enough pictures of him playing with them. Seriously, we have folders and folders of legos pictures. It is ridiculous. I think it is because a) they are colorful and fun and b) we can't get over that he is actually old enough to play with them. This is one of my favorites though because it is so silly. He has started doing this little head-stand move, usually without his legos of course, but when he decided to do this and play with his legos simultaneously, well I couldn't resist. ;)

Here is a shot of that "adopt me" collar I mentioned before. There was a new application in on Mischief just the other day and, on paper at least, they seem like a great couple. They have pot-belly pigs and 7 acres--I can just see Mischief now, running around with pot-belly pigs, and chickens, and horses. HAHAHA. Doesn't it sound like fun! We'll see what comes of it anyway.

The other night we put Bug to bed, it seemed like a normal night. We sat in the rocking chair, cuddled with his fleece blanket made by Memaw, read some books, then laid him down for final snuggles and the tuck-in. Bingo-bango, easy-peasy, just like most any night. Then I headed off to shower and J headed downstairs with the dogs for a bit but forgot the monitor. So I went to check on him later and this is what I found:

=) My heart melted right then and there. I couldn't believe it! He crawled up in the rocking chair, pulled the blankets down and fell asleep. Oh my! The picture kind of sucks, but it was too precious to pass up (even though I generally loathe flash pictures).

Doesn't he look like a little boy now? Where did my baby go???

J captured this fun action shot of Bugga dumping his legos out while he sat on top of the trunk. ;) He is so silly. He likes to put the bucket of legos up on the trunk, then crawl up there and dump them out.

And, of course, a couple animal pictures to round out the post. ;)

OH, big news, for the first time EVER, we had a babysitter this last Saturday!!!! Woa! Interestingly though, we can't say that it was some amazing thing to be without him; if anything, we kind of missed him. We didn't do anything that special, we wanted to keep it short and something we could leave easily if we needed to, so we just did some shopping and supper. In the end, I think we decided that most of the time, we do fine with our alone time at home after the Bug hits the hay each night. It is nice to at least have the option of a babysitter though.

Anyway, Bug did AWESOME. He didn't even make his little 14-year-old sitter change a dirty dipe! She took him potty about every hour and he used the potty like a big boy. YAY! She said he got just a little whiney about a half hour after we left, but otherwise did great.

Happy New Month to everyone! I can't promise I'll be any better about posting in August. I head to WA Friday, August 8th and return early the following Tuesday morning. I'll be visiting our wonderful friends Lindsey and Brandon! =) Indecisive gals that we are, Lindsey and I decided we really needed to get together and get the whole bridesmaid dress issue resolved. ;) Plus, Saturday is her birthday, so it was perfect timing. Ahhh...I remember her birthday 2 years ago too, right after we found out a certain little one was on his way. =) This trip will be a bit different no doubt. ;)

Buggarillio just woke up from his nap, better go entertain him. He's getting to be quite the little destructive force if left to his own devices. =)

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