Monday, July 21, 2008

This, That, and Everything Else

Okay folks, due to my lack of posting lately, this post is going to be all over the map. I swear I'm not ADD, it's just going to seem that way for a bit. ;)

Life at Chez Jackson is going well. Bugga grows ever more entertaining by the day, which also translates to--depending on his mood--ever more exhausting for Momma and Papa, but boy is he cute. Good thing too. ;) He has recently decided naps are not so cool, which is...uh...interesting. He's developing some pretty adorable antics, though as I keep typing and deleting, I am realizing they are hard to describe with the written word. Oh well, I suppose most of you will trust me when I say he is a cutie and we get lots of chuckles out of him each and every day. =)

Check out the nekkie lego time...he is ALL boy. ;)

The Mischief man is growing, both in size and in skills needed to make him a tolerable member of any family. ;) HAHAHA. In many ways, he lives up to his name, but with a renewed dedication to training and positive guidance, he is really starting to shine. The great part is that he has shown he is just as willing to work as we are, so it has been a human-canine joint effort for sure. We are proud of our little Mischievous! Now, if only the perfect family would step up to the plate for this little guy...we know they're out there. ;)

You can't see it in this picture, but he has the cutest little collar that says "ADOPT ME" in embroidered letters. We really need to take it out for a spin in public (he has only had it about one week).

And now back to the Bugga Boone. This is just a funny shot of him on the toilet, because we really do enjoy being ever so slighly inappropriate. ;)

I had this whole big thing written up about his success in leaving his bodily deposits in the toilet and how we have practiced elimination communication (or natural infant hygiene or whatever you want to call it) since birth and how we really believe it has merit...and then I realized that very few, if any, of the people reading this blog give a toot when it comes to our son's bathroom habits (give a toot, haha; okay that little funny might have been just for me). BUT, in case there is anyone out there who is even mildly curious, I'll throw a couple links out there: Natural Infant Hygiene (an article by Ingrid Bauer), Diaper Free! (book by Ingrid Bauer; very good read), Dare to Bare (an op-ed by Meredith E. Small; gotta love that title).

Anyway, because Grady has been doing so great lately with using the toilet, we thought it was high time we got him some cloth trainers. It is hard to see, but the one he is wearing below is brown with little bugs all over it, so cute. =) We figured trainers he can pull up and down will make potty breaks so much easier, since we won't have to lay him down and unpin his flat and then go to the toilet. We only have 2 though, so much of the time, we'll still be using his flats. Today though, he only messed ONE diaper, which was awesome! No, not every day is quite so awesome, but still, we're happy we've been ECing him since birth and it really seems to have paid off.

Okay, back to non-toilet related Bugga news...actually, we go back in time here. I told you I'd be all over the map. ;) Here are Bugga and his Papa at a 4th of July parade. Bugga had the best seat in the house, of course, and he sure seemed to enjoy it.

We thought that this year, Bug was old enough to enjoy the 4th of July and fireworks and such. Ooops! Boy, were we wrong! Deliberately keeping him up past his bedtime was our downfall. We've done it before, every now and again, but that night was pretty bad. He was overstimulated to the max and cranky and we actually ended up bailing on our claimed spot to watch the show just minutes before they started. Oh well, there's always next year!

Finally, to wrap it up, a picture of Miss Paisley herself getting a healthy dose of the Bugga love. ;)

His hugs for the pets tend to look like this: him draped over them while they try to figure out what is going on. =) It really is precious. He LOVES the animals so much, it is impossible to imagine our life without all of them. True, it is a zoo around here much of the time, but wouldn't life be boring if it weren't?! Hehehe.

So, that's the sporadic update for now. Seems July will be over before we know it and then Momma is taking off for WA by herself! Can you believe it?! Yup, more on that later. Until then, au revoir.

ps~not sure what is up with all my french references today; guess it is just part of the ADD fun. ;)


Nathaniel and Elizabeth said...

Wow- you're going on a trip by yourself? That will be exciting and a little nerve-wracking, too, I'm sure. We're planning a vacation with Lydia and James for next summer and leaving Grace with Mom and Dad and I already think that will be weird!

Amanda said...

Yes, I'm already a little nervous about it all, but J is the best hands-on Dad I could ask for, so I know the boys will have a blast together!

And it's only 3 days. ;)

G&M said...

Great post... I finally just got around to reading it. Here I was the other day griping at you about not having a new one... then I don't even read the darn thing. So I am off for a weekend adventure myself... gonna head to San Diego to see my sis... without the famdamily... should be interesting!!!

l e a h said...

Yay! An ECer! We are years away from having kids, but I'm already on a Natural Infant Hygiene listserv. You can never know too much, right?

Go you!