Friday, July 11, 2008

Bugga and his truck...

Bug and his tonka have been having lots of fun rides in the yard. We have a great hill for just such activity. ;)

Excuse the size of the photos today; I must have had it set to small or something and didn't realize it. And I am far too lazy to go back and load them again. =) No one is surprised by that, right?!

You might be able to click to see a larger image if you would like.

We tried to hook a dog lead up to the tonka and get Mischief or Paisley to pull him. We tried. ;) They were not interested in a pulling him around the yard, much to our dismay.

So Papa decided to use the handy lead himself.

A quick THANK YOU to everyone who sent us anniversary wishes, you were all so sweet to remember us and J's sweet Aunt Kim, who is so on top of all the dates, was nice enough to post well wishes on the family website. =) OH...and I can't forget J's parents, who sent beautiful flowers! We hadn't had fresh flowers in this house yet--how sad is that?! They are still going strong and I'm going to try to get a picture up of the beautiful arrangement soon.

Welp, it is hot and humid today and it is seeming like an "inside" day. Yuck. BUT, we got a free grill on freecycle the other day, so at least we know what we're doing for supper (and that we won't be heating the house). ;)

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


Lindsey said...

Happy late 8yrs. I am so glad that the truck has come to such great use this summer. I knew when I got it for him he would love it (tonka trucks have always gone over well in my family with the boys, don't know why?). I'll have to give you a call soon.

Amanda said...

Ahhh...I've been thinking of you too! I need to call you, maybe since you just commented you're up and I should call. ;)

I thought about you earlier but then remembers you don't have kids and you were probably sleeping. HEhehehe. Can't begrudge you that!