Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've been meaning to post more this week, but somehow time is really passing me by. Go figure! So this is life with a one year old. Sure, those of you with more children or older children may scoff...that's fine, I'm just learning. I think it's one of those things we have to experience for ourselves at any rate. ;)

Bug and I were just outside enjoying some sunshine. I thought I went prepared. I had a bag: 2 balls, 2 kitchen utensils for playing in the dirt/gravel, and Paisley's wubba. Yet somehow, my lovely little explorer finds a board with a rusted nail and a cut open jug of deck sealer. Don't worry it was empty. Still, I will be asking J about why it was just sitting out in the driveway. Plus, it ended the fun, we had to run upstairs to wash off that interesting smell...the smell that made Bug want to put his hands in his mouth. Then again, what doesn't make him want to put his hands in his mouth?! ;)

I realized while out there though that I live my day to day life by extremely small goals. For as many books as Bug will sit through, get him outside each day, and...uh...the rest is just gravy I think. That's it. Read and go outside. =) I'm sure other moms have a list that includes a bit more--like maybe hanging the moon and solving world hunger--but for me, I'm finding that when I mentally check those 2 things off, I feel a small weight lift off my shoulders. Somedays I can't even check these off. Those are not good days. Other days, I accomplish them all before lunch and nap and feel foot loose and fancy free the rest of the day.

Okay, that last statement was a total exaggeration. I might accomplish those things before lunch and nap, sure...but I can't quite remember the last time I felt foot loose and fancy free. ;)

And today, I went a little crazy and added blogging to my internal to-do list. Little things crop up the fact that I need to go change my shirt because I still smell deck sealant. Ugh. Bug is on the floor eating his "who loves baby?" book...can that count as reading? I think so, I'm all about the stretch. =)

Oh and total tease alert...I have news for y'all tomorrow. ;)

And pictures to come in another post this time because I'm not patient enough to pick out the photos and wait for them to load. Am I really that lazy?! You betcha. ;)


G&M said...

WHAT IS YOUR NEWS???????????????

Amanda said...

Probably NOT what you are thinking...hahahaha. ;)