Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been away...

From the computer, that is. And here's why:

=) Our wonderful friend Lindsey and her Mom Linda (who live in WA) were visiting MN this last week. Lindsey stayed with us and therefore Bugga got to know his Auntie Lindsey and went completely ga-ga for her. It was beyond fun to watch those two get to know each other this past week.

Linda was a bit of a nomad, traveling around and staying with at least 3 or 4 different family members I believe, but we still got visit with her a good amount too. I caught the picture above at their family brunch on Sunday, which was followed by a "surprise" bridal shower for Lindsey. Naughty me--and all too attentive and intuitive Lindsey--it wasn't a surprise by the time she and I left the house that morning and here Linda was trying to convince Lindsey no such "surprise" was in store. HAHAHA. I love that I caught it (though it did turn out a little dark).

I've got tons of catching up to do, but for a few highlights...

We broke out the stroller for the first time since...gosh I can barely remember...we're just not stroller people. The sling is our usual mode of Bug transportation. ;) Bug has enjoyed a few strolls around our area though, complete with his little hat to protect him from the sun, which has finally decided to grace us with its presence for more than just a day or two at a time. Man, Spring is a late bloomer this year in MN I guess!

We have discovered that we have turtles in the swampy areas around our house. Pretty darn cool. =) We even have this rare beauty, called a blanding's turtle. I guess this kind of turtle is on the protected list.

Paisley has also been pretty attached to Aunt Lindsey this week. Yesterday morning she parked her big booty right up against Lindsey while Grady ran around playing and checking in with his 2 favorite gals of the morning (Lindsey and Paisley, in case that wasn't clear, hehe). I think Paisley was hoping they could all lay down and take a nap, check out her big yawn. ;)

Of course, she spared some lovin' for Papa too! These two went to a pit bull only fun camp at our dog training place this weekend. Pai won the prize for Agility Ability. So cute! Lindsey and I (and therefore Bug) were busy that day, so I missed my little lady's big moment, but I'm sure there's more fun camps, and hopefully agility, in her future.

You'll be hearing--or rather seeing--more from me this week. I have yet to cover the following fun topics...

*Papa and Bug matching swim trunks (yep, we're that family)

*The never-ending pit that must be our son's stomach

*All the new Bug-isms that grace our days (our little guy is getting quite the personality these days!)

So...good to be back. =) I sure enjoyed having a friend around this week and miss you already Linds! Hopefully we'll get together again to troll for cheap airfare to WA. ;)


G&M said...

glad you are back! It has been far too long... I didn't bother you this week with my Tara-isms as I knew you were busy with Linds! Talk to you soon
Love ya

Amanda said...

Awww...I've missed my Tara-isms. HAHAHA.

AND I'm pretending not to be hurt that I did not receive an email about the mother's day pics you and the kids had taken. Though J got the email, so I guess it's all good. ;) (I have to tease you a bit)

So now I'm trolling for cheap tickets to AZ and WA. =)

deldobuss said...

Hey Amanda & Jeremy, thanks for commenting on my blog. It is great having him home at last! Looks like you guys are busy these days. Where at in Minnesota do you live? Jay's mom & dad are in Eau Claire, WI. We are planning a trip up there sometime in late summer, right before we move to Kansas. You can email us at or