Friday, May 23, 2008

We're parents again...

...foster parents, that is! Foster dog parents, that is. ;) I know, I'm so ornery.

What's that you say? Did Alvin come back? No, but red and whites must be crazy popular with the drug dealers in the cities. =( Because he does have similar coloring to Alvin and his Momma and littermates, and like them as well, he arrived in Animal Control after a drug bust.

So I couldn't even wait til tonight; I snapped a pic...albeit blurry...and just had to get him up on here. His name is Pumba, he's about 5 months old, and yes...I'm smitten. ;) Just wait til J meets him, oh we're in for it. J is a bigger sucker than me and that is really saying something. Pumba was so laid back and gentle when I met him, I couldn't believe that he is really still a puppy. He immediately gave Bugga some very gentle kisses on his ear, it was beyond cute. =)

I'm sure I'll have more to share as we get to know him and start working with him on all sorts of fun dog skills to prepare him for his forever home. I will say, we're only on foster #2 and I am already pretty impressed with the A Rotta Love Plus intake team--they pick winners folks!


G&M said...

I had a feeling... you silly silly woman.
He is way too cute.

Have lots of fun with him!!

4 Little Men & Twins said...

He is so cute!

Amanda said...

Isn't he a dolly?! Oh my goodness...J is already talking like a failed foster; I am trying to be the voice of reason.

There is already an application in on these little sweetie! So he may not be with us long at all.

And he and Paisley just had their first play session and it was a success. =) YAY!

Nathaniel and Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness- so cute! I love dogs so much and think we need like six more, but I hear that will go away once i have a baby to take care of.

Amanda said...

You're probably right Elizabeth! HAHA. Tara would say the 3rd dog is one step too far, so we haven't gone that far. ;)

Now...if you won the lottery and didn't have to work and could go buy tons of land for the dogs to run and play...then maybe 6. =)