Friday, May 23, 2008

The Picture Post

The promised pictures! Here is Lindsey at her "surprise" bridal shower. Like I said before, it wasn't such a surprise by the time we left the house. Apparently, my search for a note pad and pen to take with me was the final straw that tipped Lindsey off. =) So funny! As if they wouldn't have a pen and paper there already. ;)

Bugga with his Auntie Lindsey. =) Gosh, he just adored her! I have some other really funny shots of these two, but I think I'll save them away for now.

Such a big boy!

The Papa and Paisles love fest is always on-going...
Doesn't she look so zen here?!

"Ahhh, thanks Papa, that's just what I needed."

And another shot of happy little man to close. =)

I'm not giving up my secret yet either...mainly because I don't have a picture illustration. HAHA. If I have the energy tonight though, all will be disclosed.

(I really am building this up way too much, but a girl's gotta have her fun somehow right?!)

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