Thursday, March 13, 2008


This one's for Uncle Brandon. ;) I've been told he doesn't like being called Uncle Brandon, but come on man...nothing on but his batman hat from Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Brandon (which I know Uncle Brandon picked out). You wouldn't want him calling you Uncle???

Anyone sick of pictures of Bugga sleeping yet? I just couldn't help myself, with his little foot dangling out, looking so relaxed and like such a big boy.

I'm feeling really lame. My post count seems to be decreasing with each month. This is only month three. I've ran out of things to say. Go figure!

No, wait. Grady is 11 months old today. He is officially walking, and not just in the experimental phase anymore. I was looking at the previous video of him walking and you can just tell by his face that walking is so new and so experimental that he can't focus on anything but what he is doing, putting one foot in front of the other, til he's back down on the ground. Oh sweet ground, that safe place that he has ruled since around 7 months when he took off in his zoom crawl and never looked back.

Now, though, he's mostly mastered it. He can stand up while holding two toys, he can stand up and walk after you purposefully. Or stand up and go looking for you around the corner. I fear there is just no stopping him now.

With his walking though, he has helped bring back the balance of bipeds to quadrupeds in this house. =) It's a very exciting thing indeed.

Well, the blogspot gods are not my friends today. I've tried unsuccessfully about four times to load a video of Bug busting a gut in the bath one night. Maybe another day. *sigh*

OH--a couple shout outs for this wonderful Friday! Be safe and have fun on your trip Danny, Linda, Danelle, Kelvin, Jenna, Jake, and Jedd! And HAPPY (belated, oops) BIRTHDAY to Jenna and Jake while I'm at it. And finally, happy engagement to Chris and Nichole, we're so very very happy for you both!

Okay, I'm off to dream of Spring while I watch the snow melt into one big muddy mess. When did temps in the 40s start to feel so good?! Oh, that's right...when we moved to MN. ;)


Lindsey said...

Uncle Brandon Says that calling him uncle is just fine. Maybe I spoke where I didn't need too or he just doesn't remember saying that he didn't want to be called uncle. Anyways we love the picture!

Amanda said...

OH...or I misunderstood his qualms about being "uncle" Brandon. Who knows?! We like teasing him, what can we say! We can't wait for you guys to meet the little guy in person at any rate. =)

LiNdSeY said...

I feel bad that he's not going to be so little by the time I meet him. And by the time he meets brandon he's going to be quite the little person!

Amanda said...

Hey Nichole, if you happen to see this, shoot me an email (! That way I'll have your address.