Thursday, July 2, 2009

Momma Sula

As the Bug is busying himself covering and uncovering Paisley in her chair (darn, she's a good girl; her patience with the boy often rivals and/or exceeds my own), I thought I'd take a moment to introduce our 8 newest {temporary} family members.

I shared briefly how Sula came into our lives Saturday, June 13th and by 8a the next morning, she brought another 8 little beings into the world.

Here they are, a couple of days later.


I'll spare you all the gory details and equally gory late-night video. ;) Well, "gory" to some might well be "beautiful" to others. I myself was somewhat in awe, if not completely freaked out at the same time. Having brought forth my own little being into this world, I felt a strange connection to Sula throughout the process. She labored largely with her head hanging out the baby pool, in my lap, letting me massage and pet her and whisper encouragements that I'm sure meant little to her...being a dog and all. =)

As you can see, she did great, and delivered 8 beautiful, healthy puppies.


Each and every one of them knew what their duty was, and this is it. Most of the early pictures are of this, because this is all they do. Much like human babies. Who'd 'ave thunk?! HA! {Sarcasm alert, in case anyone wants to lecture me about mammalian laws of nature or something.}


Sula is holding up like a champ to the demands of motherhood.


Albeit a rather tired champ, at times. ;)


Again, much like a human Momma. =)

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Trish Chibas said...

Oh how exciting! What a pretty mama she is. I would spend every second (possible) watching those little puppies.