Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blogger-ade anyone?

*Title courtesy of J, as he inquired yesterday if I had been drinking blogger-ade, you know, to account for the sudden presence of new posts. ;)

Anyway, I am hopping in my time machine and going back to last month, and really, I have farther back than that to go to update all the visits/happenings/good times I would like to, but for now...well, baby steps people. =)

Last month J's brother Chris, his lovely wife Nichole, and daughter/Bugga-cousin-extraordinaire Kaylee came to visit. We had an amazing time, though it was too short, as with any visit from people we adore. ;)

Chris and Nichole were big with child at this point. Evidence A.


And Kaylee was soon to be a big sister, and quite excited about it. Evidence B.



Okay, enough with the evidence. Goodness, you'd think I've been watching CSI or something with...um, evidence in it. ;) Well, I have been watching Arrested Development over and over and over as if no other show ever existed, and there is a lot of talk of evidence there. Hmm, all pieces to the puzzle.

Gosh, this catch-up business really sends me on a lot of tangents huh?! Back to the point...

Kaylee is so sweet, and so so easy to photograph because she does endless amounts of adorable things.


See?! Even when she's making this face, isn't she cute?! ;)


And Bugga thinks she is just the greatest. They have a total blast together. I love this picture of them looking out a big window at the MN Children's Museum.


Everyone swinging. =)


Well, as I said, this was just over a month ago, and what do you know?! Last Thursday Chris and Nichole welcomed little Dominic into the world and we couldn't be more thrilled! Kaylee is a big sister, and taking to it wonderfully I hear. So there is a new little love to behold, some sunshine into this often sad and dreary world. ;) Got a little dramatic there, oops. But I think you catch my drift. YAY Baby Dominic!

Speaking of loves, here are my two. This little duo is my everything. Even if sometimes I wish this little duo would hop in the car and leave for a few hours, allowing me to refresh/clean/nap/read/zone out/relax/reorganize the entire house/inspire world peace...returning later with supper in hand. And dessert. And matching "I {heart} Momma" tattoos.


Kidding about the tattoos of course. But never about the dessert. ;)

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Chris, Nichole, and Kaylee and welcome to the family little Dominic! We can't wait to meet you! =)


Nichole said...

Thanks Amanda! I LOVE the pictures that you take!!

nathaniel, elizabeth, & grace said...

Great pictures, Amanda!!