Saturday, July 4, 2009

A different kind of holiday...

Happy 4th of July everyone! While many around the country light fireworks, have a barbeque, head out to parades, and any other manner of celebrating our country, we...well, we kind of had a normal day. ;) I know, go figure, go figure.

The Bug is just a smidge young yet for staying up late enough for fireworks. We tried it last year, and he melted into a heap of infant-becoming-toddler moodiness as we waited for the fireworks to start. Last night, we noted that at 7:45p, he had a eerily similar fit. We decided at that moment that staying up til 10p to watch fireworks was not in the cards this year either.

Fine by us, though. I can already hear some displays happening in our neighborhood, so we don't feel completely left out of the fun. ;)

I'm sitting on the patio, as J gets ready to start a fire, so I thought I'd post a few photos of our day. You know, to keep me from mauling the bag of marshmallows prematurely. ;)

More dirty Bugga.


Each day, he expands my horizons regarding all the ways dirt can be used, the ways it is funny, the heartbreak it can cause if you separate a boy from his dirt...the possibilities are endless (as is my laundry pile).


My funny-face Bran, always so happy just to be outside.


One of the many reasons I love dogs so much is their immeasurable pleasure in the simple things in life. =)


You can't forget resident girlie, Miss Paisley. Nope. Never. Because she would never let anyone forget her.


Just go ahead and try, she dares you. ;)

Sweet Sula loves her time in the sun too. Her small break from those 8 rapidly-growing, ever-hungry, increasingly-mobile pups of hers.


We took a 9.5 mile bike ride this morning. Whew...I was pushing it at the end. Jeremy, however, could have kept going for probably double that. I mistakenly tried to race J down one of the last hills--after a killer uphill. For me, that is. Not him. Drat! Anyway, the downhill proved just as futile. I call gravity on that one though, I mean really...he's bigger than me, plus he was pulling Bugga in the trailer. Now that doesn't speak well for the fact that he beat me up pretty much every hill too, but I'm choosing not to focus on that. ;)

No pictures of the bike ride, but on the other end of the spectrum of the day's activities, here are J and Paisley enjoying some hammock time.




Once up, he pretty much just disturbed the peace of the hammock for everyone else. What would we expect though?!


Pai and J, in slightly different light. And with some crazy eyes from Paisley, just to keep you all on your toes. =)


For some reason, I love this pic J took from inside the hammock.


Bugga cleaning up before going inside. ;)


Well...really, that water was for the dogs, but Grady makes little distinction between himself and the dogs, often drinking out of it just like they do, and just as often dumping dirt into it and taking his wet hands and making mud. Oh the joy!!! Dirt...water...together. Ahhhhh. The boy's heart swells at the thought I swear. =)

We ended our day with some cheap-rubber-ball soccer--inside, just to jazz things up--and now a little marshmallow roasting and doggie snuggling. Oooh, better go, J handed me my roasting stick, I can nearly taste them. =) Now if I can just keep the dogs from thinking they need to share....

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