Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love me some...

Love me some happy dogs...


Love me some tired dogs too...


{Guess that's what mothering 8 sprightly, needle-toothed pups does to a dog!}

Love me some giddy, life-loving adult dogs.


For the record, if we ever decide to quit this crazy game of fostering dogs and finding them loving homes, I'm 97.865% sure it'll be because we adopted an adult dog. I flippin' LOVE adult dogs. =)

However, I also love me some puppy breath. ;) {Me getting lovin from Una, my kissee, and Fergie.}


Puppy breath: the most disgusting thing you'll ever love. HA! Well, for some people anyway.

Tre, looking cute and curious. You can't see it in this photo very well, but Tre has the most amazing blue eyes. I will be anxious to see if it stays that way or if they change.


J getting some lovin from Marie (left, and Paisley's mini-me by the way, crazy!) and Mugsy (right), the lone boy of the whole bunch. Good luck Mugs!


Fergie (left) and Dottie (right), aka "The Pokey Little Puppy" because she is often lagging a ways behind, watching the crowd, observing and making sure the time is right for her to pounce. Or to lay down and just nap away from the hubbub. She is known to do both. ;)


Charlotte, showing her ornery side, going after sissy Tre.


It seems every week, someone new takes the role of "biggest stinker of the bunch." =) Last week was Charlotte's turn at the title and I think this picture captures her reign quite well.

Bobbie, getting ready to pounce. Big time!


This photo is apt, because though it was taken last week, when Char reigned supreme at the top stinker, Bobbie has usurped her crown for the time being. Can't wait to see who's next! ;)

The whole bunch thinking of chasing down Momma Sula.


This is a popular game these days, as Sula is craving a tad more independence, the pups are eager to keep their Momma to themselves, nurse her dry, and then bite the hand that feeds them in attempts at play. Poor Sula! I keep assuring her this is the last time she'll ever have to do this. It seems my words are little comfort though. Oh well. Soon enough she'll be free.

Okay, now lest you say "Hey, Amanda...or Dougina...or whoever you are...didn't you have a child. Yeah, yeah, didn't you give birth a while back and he was quite cute and oh so fun? And you called him Bugga and...come on, wasn't that you?!"

Well, now that you mention it...you're right! That was me! Don't fret, he's still here. ;) And still loved and still quite cute and fun.


And he's loving every minute of this current adventure. =)

*Thanks Trish for asking about the pups! I don't have a whole lot of readers, or at least not a whole lot of commenters, so you can bet I notice when someone actually comments and asks a question. Also an FYI regarding comments, I'm turning the word verification off, as it seems to deter some folks.


Chris F said...

Hey, wanted to let you know that even if I don't comment...I am addicted to your posts and wonderful pictures. Makes me not have to miss you so much!

Trish Chibas said...

Awwww!!!!! I love puppies! They're so darn cute! You guys must be having a ball with them. I'm sure they're quite the handful too!

I bet you have a lot more readers than you think.

mrs boo radley said...

SO squishy! Love the shot with Mr. Bugga. And I love the name Una.

Amanda said...

Chris...I...LOVE...you. ;) Closest thing to a sister I've had in this lifetime, and those glimpses sure have made sisterhood seem appealing. =)

Trish, you are sweet! Handful is an understatement, but so is cute. HA!

Mrs Boo, I so wish Una were more original or interesting that it is. In this case, it was more the result of shock and sleep deprivation: she came out first. =)