Friday, July 10, 2009


I just tore myself up off the floor, from amidst a pile of pitties--slobbery kisses, tangled legs, soft ears, sweet eyes, and pushy snouts all vying for loving attention--to bring you this public service announcement.

People suck. =( As certain dogs are vilified darn near daily in our national media, these horrible things were happening right under all our noses basically. Where was the media then? Where are they now?

378 dogs. The count is at 378 dogs that were being used--and in the most horrendous possible ways--by humans for profit. 26 people arrested, though you know that doesn't even come close to covering all the involved parties, all the sick, twisted individuals that got some kind of kick out of watching dogs tear each other apart.

I apologize for sounding angry, I really do, but my stomach aches over the evil treatment of animals at the hands of some humans. And that goes beyond this current story also. I try to remind myself that there are loving humans doing amazing things for dogs and cats and other companion animals and wildlife all over the world; it just gets hard to keep that in mind on weeks like this. When news like this breaks.

If you have it in your heart to want to do something, the Humane Society of Missouri could use donations to help care for the dogs as they await hopefully fair evaluations to determine their ultimate fates. As a fellow friend in rescue pointed out, it warms the heart that they include sturdy toys and creamy peanut butter in the wish list. I'm fairly certain these dogs have never known such simple pleasures.

If nothing else, love a dog today. Any dog you can get your hands on. Or just wave nicely to the dog owner walking down the street. Spread a little positive energy toward the 4-legged creatures among us. I know I'll be doing my small part. ;)


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Back to your regularly scheduling programming soon...up next, Bugga's family makes his second birthday extra special. ;)

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