Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just trying something...


Me, that is. Not the Bug, though it does look like maybe he's trying to wash my dishes here...if only there were dishes in sight and in reach. ;) My big blue gloves are a step in the right direction though, wouldn't you say?!

No, I am trying something new. I want bigger pictures, and a snazzy layout and some other fun stuff that I can do in my head, but evidently not with my computer. ={ Bummer, I really need some crazy tech-genius friend to come and save me from the thoughts in my head these days. Oh well. Lacking such a pal, I will go it alone and probably drag my feet and stumble a bit.

So if the blog seems wonky or missing all together--just a worst-case scenario, right?!--fret not. ;)

What else is going on, you ask? Because there must be something else, right?! Hehe. Well...let's see. Moanie-Bones is enjoying the good life, still on a trial visit though I'm pretty sure he's there to say (they've renamed him Hammer to boot, but I am sticking with Moanie for me and my memories). Paisley is enjoying the super-lazy life of an only dog for the time being. Bugga is just...well, Bug...more and more of everything every single day. If that means anything! =) Talking more, testing more, reaching more, running more, knowing more, doing more, MORE, MORE, MORE. It's crazy and fun and frustrating and trying and heart-warming all at once, or at least all in each day. ;)

I have to share this little funny because it was one of those moments where I about fell off my chair laughing because it was oh-so-J, but through the lens of the Bug. We were reading his nighttime books in his chair in his room last night and we got to this line in the book No Matter What:

"With time together, a smile and a kiss, love can be mended with things like this."

I stop, I say to Bug, "can you show me your smile?"

He leans in to the book and smiles a goofy-man grin, completely over-exaggerated and silly.

"And what about a kiss?" I say.

He turns around to give me a kiss and lets out a huge, noisy toot just as we smooch.

Lovely. Anyone who knows my sweet hubby knows just what I mean here. ;) I proceeded to laugh and hug him and laugh some more and he did a classic toddler fake-sounding laugh because Momma was laughing and it made the moment all the more funny to me.

I can't think of a better way to end the day with my boy than laughing before bedtime.

Well, it's snowing. And coffee is calling to me while Grady is refusing to nap, so I'm sure there's something else I should be doing other than blogging. ;)

Thanks to Leah, my one and only menu-helper from last week. She has inspired us to add lentils to our diet and we will do just that this week, we can't wait! 10,000 points for her! =)

Back to the real world not found in the depths of my computer screen--woa, such a thing exists?! ;) (Seriously, some days I need a reminder.) Later gators!


G&M said...

hey woman... how do you get those crazy big pictures!?

Sorry I didn't give a recipe... I just couldn't think of a good one to share lol!

Amanda said...

Well, I'm sure there are other ways, but I went with flickr. For now.

Is it too big?! I feel like it might seem as if I am trying to bring you all a life-size Bug of your very own...and that might be creepy. ;)

And shame on you Tara, I know you cook and you do so well, so what was up, huh?! HAHAHA, just teasing.

Nichole said...

Grady looks sooo much older in that picture.

Sounds like a wonderful bedtime moment; definitely something you'll never forget!

I did think of something we always do with black beans - burritos - but that's not really a recipe, so I opted out of sharing.

sarah said...

Looking good on the blog...I want a crazy tech-genius friend too! :) Cute story of your little fella!

l e a h said...

LOVELY picture, dearie!

I am so very remiss--I did not get back to you on your herbs and spices question! Instead of curry, I sometimes add just a teaspoon each of ground cumin and cinnamon to my lentils! Earthy, nutty, fragrant; you won't miss the curry one bit.

l e a h

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! I'm totally teasing y'all about the points...I mean, heck, 10,000 points for everyone. ;) Why not?!