Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just some musings...

Is it a sign that the cats' diet has gone too far when the tiny one keeps trying to eat my fig bars?

And is it a sign that our laptop is, in fact and as suspected, officially going down the crapper when a muriad of internet windows open without our approval and my desktop shortcuts fade in and out like some bad movie effect?

And might it be a sign that I am a little too holiday-ready that I put eggnog in my tea today? (Sans the alcohol, in case anyone was wondering.)

And finally, it is a sign that I spend too much time on the internet (even with our computer sick as it is) that my first stop for sharing these delightful pre-Thanksgiving musings was to blog them?

Ahhh...affirmative on all counts I fear. ;)

At any rate, I will someday return with photos and other nonsensical (nonsensible? Hmm, too lazy to figure out which is correct at this point) ramblings in the possibly near future. Vague enough for you? I thought so.


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