Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The nothing-new update

This little face charms me every day. It is getting increasingly hard to capture with a camera though, as he loves to run (hmmm...again calling into question his true identity...he doesn't like chocolate and he loves to run, huh???!!!).

Ignore the wacky hair. Both of ours, though his is cuter. ;)

He loves this book Tippintown. He particularly enjoys pointing out the dog on every page. He knows this book, I merely mentioned it this morning to J and he heard me and went running for the crate of books, searching for this current favorite. Yes, he found it. I couldn't be more proud; it is always the small things that amaze me. =)

So, in revisiting an old idea, back to the nothing-new referendum of '09. ;p HAHAHA. Before embarking on something so ambitious as a full year of no new purchases--save of course food, personal care items, medicine, and the like--we decided to just do a trial month. This is defined by credit card case anyone was questioning our place in this consumer-driven society. ={ Ugh. Anyway, that point withstanding, we are tweaking and honing the idea to make it our own. You know, creating loopholes for possible splurges. ;) One loophole goes like this: every dollar less than x that we spend in a month goes into our "wishlist" account, as the wishlist fund grows, we can decide if and when to spend that money on an otherwise disallowed new item. Make sense? No, I'm not sharing what amount x might be, but it is both appropriately challenging and entirely possible at the same time. ;) Makes for a fun little game, don't you think?!

Of course, for this month (roughly October 20th-November 20th) we don't have time for games. It is crunchtime people, nothing new. But wait, the laptop is circling the electronic drain...hmmm....enter new CD/DVD drive. =( Grr...the laptop won't recognize it...woohoo...return it and pretend we didn't slip so quickly. Problem solved, right?! If I wasn't so dependent on the laptop, it might just be. If.

Anyway, we have already begun finding solutions to other issues of want that have cropped up:

* An old military wool blanket strategically placed between our flat sheet and down comforter (in lieu of a new wool comforter. Oh just typing it felt cozy, darn it! Okay, NO, I'm fine without it *repeat as needed*)
* A ripped up old sheet to function as curtains in the Bug's room since the sun blesses us so cruelly early now (in lieu of fancy shades I've been eyeing for about $50 a pop).

Now if only I could rig me up a functioning laptop out of crap laying around my house. ;)

And once again, I wasted a rare and coveted Bugga naptime on blogging. Hmmm. At least I wasn't shopping.


Trish Chibas said...

This really is such a great idea! Craig's list las laptops. Does that count as new if they're used?

Amanda said...

Good question Trish!

Originally, J was being uber-strict...nothing new meant nothing new TO US. Period.

Then I explained to him (and we debated heartily) that the originally movement was not so, uh, bare-bones. ;)

So, yes, in my rule-book, a used laptop is totally allowed. =)

Off to troll craigslist...

Trish Chibas said...

good luck!

pam curran said...

I remember the days of naptimes.. when I was going to accomplish alot...and didn't. sometimes all I got "accomplished" was watching a precious little being sleep....miss those goodtimes!!

deldobuss said...

Oh, we could never do the uber-strict thing, we have two growing girls that constantly need shoes and clothes! But, Goodwill and the Army Thrift store do nicely for those things.

I wrote up a little post about compost (that rhymes!) for ya! And, we are leaving on the 24th for Eau Claire. Coming back the 1st of December. (Jay gets a whole week off, yeah!!)