Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What can I say?!

I've been absent. Again. And no good excuse. Just haven't felt the blogging energy lately. Too lazy to wait for pictures to load. Plus, I'm trying to implement a new internet policy to cut down on my addiction (no internet while the Bug is awake).

WA was great, so much fun! I miss Lindsey and Brandon and little Daly man, one of the sweetest little pups I've ever met. I sure wish WA and MN weren't quite so far apart, much like I wish MN and many places weren't quite so far apart. ;)

And of course, I missed my boys and my furry little ones and the all the comforts of home. You can enjoy lots of places, but there is only one home. =)

A few pics to share today. Bugga running around eating an apple. Paisley waiting patiently for him to drop bits of said apple. HAHAHA. (You can see her new collarmania collar too a little, so CUTE.)

The Bug smiling and laughing as he hit my knee with his apple and made my reflexes pop. =)

The great climbing Bugga. This is window that is almost 2 feet over the lounger. He was determined to climb into the sill and sure enough, he did it. If Momma was the worry-wart she once was, my nerves would be shot. Good thing I've come to see just how resilient he is, hehe.

The day I came home from WA. Notice the scrapes above his right eye and the black eye (if you can see it). Bugga figured out the baby gate and took a tumble down the stairs the weekend I was gone. No, J wasn't being inattentive in any sense, the Bug is just really that fast.

I just liked this shot. He often starts out reading books with us as seen in the first picture. By the end, if he's tired, he looks more like this:

I have a kazillion photos I could share. I'm still as indecisive as ever though and that is another reason I haven't been blogging--I would have to decide which photos to use. ;)

This Friday we are taking the show on the road once again and heading to NE! J is being sent down to a nuclear plant in NE for a week of work. Most of the time, Bugga, Paisley and I will be with Jacksons in Superior, though we are joining J for some fun and swimming at the Lied Lodge during the final days of the week. And HOPEFULLY we will be getting to visit our amazing and lovely friend Beth, who we haven't seen in a year (time always flies and it always sucks)! We can't wait, so if you're reading this Betheleanie, we need to get our plans figured out because one way or another we will be tracking you down! =) WE LOVE YOU BETH!

Okay, so the Bug actually fell asleep for a nap. HUGE SHOCKER these days as it has seemed he was about to give up on naptime completely. I better grab some coffee and chilax (thank you Lindsey and Brandon for that lovely little word) for a bit. Glad to be back, though I can't promise this signals my return to blogging more regularly. ;)

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l e a h said...

Love the window and the munched-on fruit!!