Friday, August 22, 2008

Are you sure you're ready for us Memaw?!

Ahhh...if you should be packing, raise your hand! Or, how about this, if you should be doing just about anything else, raise your hand. ;)

J would like to think we'll be sitting in the car, backing out of the garage, and hitting the wide open road in about 2 hours.

Pshaw. J would like to think.

And by the same token, I'm sure J would like to think that his lovely wife is doing something--anything--to make that happen.

Pshaw. ;)

Unless blogging videos of the Bugga counts. Which I doubt.

What he doesn't know, won't hurt him. Especially since he's an even less loyal blog-viewer than you (whoever you are). He pretty much waits til I announce "I blogged today" and then he makes fun of how yucky that statement sounds and maybe checks it out. =)

Enough of that, I actually have gotten quite a bit done. I promise. I hadn't put up any videos of our wacky boy for quite some time though, so I felt it was time to share. The cabinet video is pretty recent (Tuesday night, I think, while I took Paisley to Rally class). The bathtime video is older, maybe a month or more, I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look. (Anyone notice a recurring theme?!) Thankfully, he has not made that kind of climbing part of his nightly bathtime routine...whew.

So, one way or another, the plan is that we will leave today for NE. We'll probably get in late and because we're taking a chance and driving while Bug will be awake, we'll probably be lucky to have our hearing and hair left on our wary heads. Wish us luck. ;)

Did I mention there was a dead insect in my coffee this morning? And that I simply removed it and drank anyway? It'll be that kind of day.


Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Grace said...

It cracks me up that you just removed the insect and drank away. You must really be busy! :-)

G&M said...

ok so I LOVED the videos... I was cracking up at the bath one... love the nakey butt... aww we have to get him and Mason together!
Love you and miss you, have fun in NE!

Cari said...

We are heading to ND today - and I have been doing everything but getting ready to go- so you aren't alone! And I would have drank the coffee anyways!