Friday, April 17, 2009

My Friday Sweets

No, not anything I baked.  Though you can bet your bloomers I've been baking lots lately and consuming more than my fair share of chocolate.

Well, then again, I guess in another sense, I sure did bake this sweet. ;)


My Bugga man.  At lunch just now, he started to get down from his seat while in the middle of his left over bean burger.  Now, normally, I don't allow him to get down and flit around during meals, so normally I would have been all over the situation.  Alas, I'm kind of sick, Bug has been definitely sick, and something told me to wait a moment and see what he had up his sleeve.

And boy am I glad I did.

My little guy, sweet as chocolate pie (or a fruit pie, if you so choose), got down and moved his seat so that he was right next to Momma, touching my leg in fact, and crawled back up, pulled his plate over, and resumed his meal.

Talk about meltin' a Momma's heart.  =)  Yup, he sure melted my chocolate-clogged heart.

I'll be darned if that doesn't somehow make me want to bake some more.

Take that how you will.  ;)  

*Gosh, I am one ornery, ornery lady today.


Trish Chibas said...

What a little Mr. Lover Lover! You're one lucky Momma.

nathaniel, elizabeth, & grace said...

Oh yes, you should definitely bake another! ;-)

mrs boo radley said...

Stop reading this comment and bake something!

That is too cute, GB!!

I ate lots of chocolate tonight. Which is why I am still sitting here at 12:11am. It's tomorrow already.

Nichole said...

Oh that is really adorable!!

Danelle said...

SO SWEET!!! Brought tears to my little stories like that. By the way, who was the voice of wisdom that said when your baby turns 2, you'll 'consider' (aka want) more. That's! =)
Actually, just speaking from experience. I totally think that you amazing parents need to 'bake' more!! ;)

Jason and Vanessa said...

That is so sweet and he is soooo cute!