Friday, December 5, 2008

"Papa & Me" Friday

So yesterday wasn't a good day.  I was tired, cranky, the mailman honked in our driveway and woke up a similarly tired and cranky Bugga.  Just not good and I don't mean to complain really, because I know even our worst days are not so bad as the kinds of things others must contend with (I'm thinking sickness, poverty, abuse, and the like; you know, real problems).

J got home, later than I expected, and I promptly retreated to our room with intentions of merely "cooling off" and rejoining the party in a few minutes.  Um...oops, I fell asleep.  What the..?!  I mean, I have enough trouble falling asleep at night, how could that happen?!  At any rate, Papa handled supper, Bugga, the pets, bath and bedtime with grace and ease. =)  So proud of that man!  Even if it did make me feel all the more guilty for being cranky and tired in the first place.

In honor of my bad day...well, that seems strange, but I'm going with it...I am sharing some pics I took of J and Bugga a while back.  These two are so alike and have so much fun together, it is really a pleasure every day to watch these two crazy beings interact. ;)  Even when I want to retreat from the craziness for just a moment or so (or 2 hours worth, as was the case last night).




There you have it, my version of lemonade out of lemons for this Friday. =) Have a great weekend everybody!


Mary Marantz said...

omigosh! so cute!!

everybody needs a day off...don't feel bad!!

Mandey said...

these pics are adorable of your "men"!! :D