Sunday, December 14, 2008

Girl Power

The snow has fallen and I have found myself with an unexpected day at home with the hubby and all the pets and the little man...just my kind of day!  ;)

And as good a day as any for an update.  We are officially on estrogen overload around here.  Meet Lulu Blue:


Yes, tiny puppy.  Yes, female.  Yes, ADORABLE.  Not to mention SASSY!  Big girl attitude trapped in a puppy body. =)

Lu is part of a litter of 7 that found themselves homeless sitting in animal control and amazingly, all the wonderful volunteers of A Rotta Love Plus stepped up and found placement for all 7.  It is slated to be temporary though, as the pups are scheduled to go the Humane Society later this month after a parvo hold is up.  

J, however, is IN LOVE.  What's new?!  This guy is ridiculous when it comes to puppies.  =)

All 3 girlies are doing well together.  Paisley is a tad on the annoyed side, Bailey has adjusted really well, and Lu isn't phased by anything that comes her way.  Confidence is a trait she has in abundance at this time. ;)

Bug LOVES all the pets, so another little one is just gravy for him.  Plus, she is another one he thinks he can pick up. ;)


And one I can fit in my coat for a short outing.  That bundle is ALL puppy, so don't go getting any ideas anyone!


The puppy pen has proven a slightly fruitless exercise with this one. ;)


So that is the state of things around here.  Tons of fun, as always.  This coming weekend, we'll be heading to Omaha for an old friend's wedding and a visit with some family and friends. Should be awesome, just pray for good weather!  

I haven't forgotten that I want to do an update on the nothing-new experiment.  I'll try to come up with other non-dog things to talk about too, I promise.  ;)  

The Bug is calling for lunch, so I should go.  WAIT, I haven't even had my coffee yet Buggie!  Can we slow down...please... =)


sarah said...

ADORABLE pup!! And your pictures are fabulous, your blog looks great and I have been enjoying your bigger pictures. I love the one of Lu on the gate :) You definitely have your hands full, don't you. GIRL POWER!

Mandey said...

Hi. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am loving reading about your family and dogs. I love the pic with Lu on the gate. it's hilarious! Your pics are great!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Yes, the gate! Hilarious!!
You all have some super kind hearts!

Mandey said...

Hey! I lost your response "in the mail". ;) Sorry! I do love your blog tho!

Mary Marantz said...

omigosh, SO cute!!!