Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you believe it?!

It is Christmas Eve already?!  Pure insanity, I tell you.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time goes by while we go about our daily lives. ;)

Even Bug seems a bit surprised by it all.  Hehe.


And some randomness while I'm making supper tonight.  We went to Omaha this past weekend and had an awesome visit with so many people:  (in order of appearance) second college roomie Ruth, J's parents, J's sis Danelle and her 3 kiddos, the bride Maren whose wedding spurred this great trip (and her family and new hubby of course), my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 kiddos, our amazing friend Beth, and my first college roomie Amanda and her 2 kiddos (and 3 daycare kids too).  Whew, so much fun packed into a relatively short amount of time.  Of course, we didn't take near enough pictures, so not everyone will be reflected here.  Still, here is a small glimpse back at our weekend.

The boys at the hotel.  Bugga was slightly obsessed with the phones in our adjoining suites.  He had so much fun with all his cousins, it was adorable to watch.


Memaw and Papaw Jackson and the Bug himself (excuse the poor lighting here, sorry!).


We came home to lots of the white stuff.  Enough that I have gotten the car stuck in the driveway twice, much to J's chagrin.  He certainly wouldn't have gotten it stuck, so it must be my driving skills (or lack thereof). ;)  Oh well.  It sure is pretty out. =)


To close today, here are some snuggly girls. =)  We are so blessed to not only have our wonderful Bugga boy, but 3 beautiful and (mostly, hehe) well behaved girl doggies right now, and of course our sweet and somewhat neglected cats. ;)  


We know many of you out there are similarly blessed in your lives.  Sending holiday wishes and lots of love to all tonight.  

Better go, supper is almost on the table and then we will be taking a ride to check out all the lights, something I have fond memories of doing with my grandparents growing up.  Here's hoping traditions, new or old, and lots of love are characterizing this holiday season for all of you too. =)

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G&M said...

ummm so was this my Christmas card!?!? LOL jk