Friday, December 18, 2009


It's Friday, and lookeeeee, I'm capping off a week full of blog posts. Who knows what bug jumped in my hair to cause this, but it's been fun. ;)

Anyway, as we approach our departure from MN heading toward our childhood home of NE, I am thinking of family. And how it is most certainly not always defined by blood or genetics or a tree. I only have a brother, and I love him, but I was also blessed to have grown up with another family full of girls (and one lonely little guy, HA) and they have been like sisters to me. A blessing indeed!

We even had those classic sister moments of fighting, hair pulling, pranks and nastiness, but there was also just a lot of love and I know my relationship with that family has shaped me just as surely as my own true family did.

I'm not a person who collects friends, I value real and genuine and once I know and love someone, they are pretty much on the same ranks as family in my book, because it just doesn't happen everyday. And here is what happens when women I've considered sisters (even though they had enough in their own family, they didn't need one more!) grow up and have littles of their own...

20091020 Kaylee & Ava-4


20091020 Kaylee & Ava-2

Little girls...

20091020 Kaylee & Ava-8

I may not be as close with their Mommas as I once was, but seeing these little faces quite nearly brings a tear to my eye. I can't wait to see them again.

And this time, I need to catch their Mommas with my lens too. =)


Chris F said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this before I saw you yesterday, but it's funny that I made the sister comment anyway. Love the pictures and love you! Glad you didn't catch me with that lens!

Anonymous said...
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Sarah Marie Kirchhoff said...

Amanda, love it, Chris just sent me an email to check on this entry, awesome!! Wish I could of seen you when you were back. Funny thing is with all this snow and snow days the kids have been getting I was reminded of all the times that when we didn't have school you were the one my dad went to town for so you could come play in the snow with us. Like you said we may not keep in contact as much as we used to, but I love you just as much as when we were little kids making snow angels. Love the pictures as well!! may have to get copies to print if possible. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year next time you are back I hope we are able to get together.