Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Three little ladies are here to tell you...


that regardless of what the calendar may say, WINTER is here. ;)

And while Sula was enjoying herself... (I think she was trying to build a snow fort.)


Paisley was doing this.


HA! Poor Paisley, gingerly trying to remove the cold from her delicate paws. =) I love it.

And a short Sally update. If the pictures don't make it clear, she has been fully integrated into our crazy little household and has been for a while. She is doing remarkably well with everyone. She and Sula play pretty rough, but it is still just that: play. She is more respectful of Paisley, and of Mel when he was still here. She is wonderful with Grady too, and the cats. Yup, she's the whole package, the whole itty-bitty-teeny-tiny-pocket-pittie package. ;)

ps~Am I on a roll or what?! Three days in a row, craziness. I know, I am so inconsistent and unpredictable, what can I say?!


Kari in WeHo said...

your dogs are so cute! I see the Adopt Me on the back of Sula's jacket, is she up for adoption? Pitties are the best so I will be back!

Amanda said...

Yes, Sula and Sally are both foster dogs! Paisley is our only resident dog, so any others are always up for adoption. ;)
Clearly I agree with you, they are the best. =)