Monday, November 2, 2009

The Haul

Again, here's our little Halloween Doggie.

20091031 Halloween finals-41

Yes, you can bet there was barking. He seems to know what to do, even though he lives with some of the more quiet dogs I've had the pleasure of knowing, judging by the cacophony of non-stop doggie racket from neighboring dogs. Speaking of which, today it would seem they are all on high-alert, making me a tad nervous. Until I remind myself how crazy it is to take my cues from dogs I don't know and often can't even see. ;)

20091031 Halloween finals-38 is what his Halloween haul consisted of, this his first year of costume-ness. ;P

2 suckers
3 apples (if we count one each for Momma and Papa too)
2 cloth bags (again, if we count Momma's too)
5 candy-corn print pencils (what fun!)
2 plastic green footballs (instant love, you'll see)
2 organic lip balms (um, yeah...awesome)
2 activity/coloring books

Not bad, considering the boy didn't actually trick-or-treat. Forsaking that traditional activity, Bug got all dogged-up and we took him to the Arboretum.

20091031 Halloween finals-37

No haunted houses, ghosts or goblins, or funky stick-your-hand-in-and-be-grossed-out-by-common-household-goods displays (do people still do those?! I might be behind the times here)...we have years ahead of us for him to take in such spooky fun.

20091031 Halloween finals-39

For this year, it was just about getting out of the house, enjoying time together, and since the weather was fair, being outside and enjoying all that Fall has to offer. And enjoy, we did!

A doggie in the making...

20091031 Halloween finals-1

I love the "tongue of concentration" here. I display this trait a lot too, and had my face been visible, I wonder if we both would have been showing our sincere concentration via our tongues hanging out of our mouths. ;)

A different view.

20091031 Halloween finals-4

Notice Mr. Random-head-in-the-shot. This photo reminds me of photobomb. Albeit a much less funny--actually not funny at all--version.

20091031 Halloween finals-36

{My all-time favorite photobomb here. I laugh maniacally every time. It feels darn near sinful, but I can't help it, that face zeroes in on my funny-bone like some kind of short-range comedy missile. I now return to my post about...hmmm, what was this about again?!}

Alert doggie. HA!

20091031 Halloween finals-32

Get it?! The ear being up...okay, we were laughing at the time. Hard to believe there wasn't copious amounts of sugar involved, huh?!

The sky in this shot turned out so interesting. That is not post-processing people!

20091031 Halloween finals-43

Just part of the pack...

20091031 Halloween finals-24

And again.

20091031 Halloween finals-26

We found this fun outdoor play area, and we had it all to ourselves. Bug wanted to walk along this fallen tree and to keep my nerves in tact--because some of it was mighty high off the ground--we compromised and held hands.

20091031 Halloween finals-46

And J snapped away.

20091031 Halloween finals-47

Which was fun, because I am rarely in the photos it seems, and I am trying to remedy that a bit.

This concludes our Halloween coverage.

20091031 Halloween finals-50

This last photo is blurry and totally not great, but there's something about how he has his hood down and his little ears flopping, and his cute hat and mittens. Seems a fitting goodbye to Halloween for this year I guess. =)

Until next time, Happy Monday and Welcome to November.

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