Monday, November 30, 2009

A day in the life...

* with largely unrelated photos. Like for real, these photos have barely anything to do with the written words accompanying them. ;)


Wake up.


Hear my insanely adorable kiddo get up, go potty, get his underwear, return to his room, get into his newly renovated closet where everything he needs is in his reach and talk himself through getting dressed.


Laugh at his sweetness when he finally comes to my room and announces "I got clothes on Momma!"


Feed son. Feed cats. Feed dogs. Feed self.


Watch from kitchen window as a squirrel approaches a bowl of acorns that has been sitting on top of our covered wood stove on the patio for months (why?! Who knows...).


Watch as bowl falls and shatters on the patio.


Think coffee. Think pie. Then think pie is almost gone. Better make another pie.


Marvel at kiddo's beautiful imagination. Marvel at the relative peace of a house with a kiddo, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. Relative peace. ;)


Read books with kiddo, smile as he recites book titles.


Move furniture around in preparation for Christmas decorating.


Lunch. Just for humans. Silly doggies...lunch is for humans.


Finally get coats on son, self, and 2 doggies (2 other doggies having quiet time) and head out to clean up shattered glass on patio.


Sally shows fear of stepping out onto metal steps; lift her up, put her down on steps and ignore odd noise as she takes off across yard.


Clean up glass.


Watch kiddo, and 2 doggies play and run in yard.


Grow a brain and finally notice the bloody stump on Sally's back left leg where a nail once was.


Run to metal steps, immediately find entire nail. Eeewwwwww. {Feel free to leave a comment thanking me for saving you any photographic evidence. ;) }


Take Sally inside for an abbreviated bath, which she hates as much as a full bath. Go figure. Clean wound. Giggle at her apparent consternation over the cleaning, but not so much over the wound itself.


Kiss her snout and forehead repeatedly. Watch her forget the cleaning too. =)


Put Sally to quiet time, release other 2 doggies. Watch 3 doggies and kiddo play in yard.


Bring them all in...thinking about coffee and pie again...and watch kiddo pretend he is a dog. {Don't worry, he alternately pretends he is a frog, or has a camera, or that he went to a museum.}


Blog about it. ;p


Exciting business right?!

**Okay, this represents only about half a day, and I'm sure I left out a bunch of minutiae, which I'm sure you all don't miss. At any rate...exciting?! Maybe it's all relative...


Nichole said...

Totally love the blog! And that picture of Sally jumping over Mel is adorable; she is tiny!! Oh and the one of Grady with his tongue out! lol

Laurie said...

Great post - I love the pictures of the dogs chasing each other around the tree. How in the world do you get them to leave their cute coats on? Mine would be tearing them off of each other in seconds, no matter how cold it gets. I hope Sally is fully recovered from her injury now!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

Hi! I found you on Betsy King's blog! I love your sweet photos of the doggies and your adorable son! These are great! :)