Thursday, October 1, 2009

What happened to September?

So I have this husband. Alternately called J, or Doug, or Hubs, or What-the-hecka-do-you-think-you're-doing-I'm-trying-to-sleep. He answers to all of these, sometimes more positively than others. ;)

Anyway, he's a good guy. I'm lucky. Because whenever I say "Hey hun, can you do me a favor?," he almost shockingly does NOT head for the hills.

Like last night, the favor in question was this:
Take a handful of almonds, and a handful (or more) of peanut M&Ms, put them in the coffee grinder, let it go nuts (HA!), and then sprinkle it on some ice cream. For me, please. =)

Odd? Yes. Odd that he obliged? Quite possibly. But that's okay, we love each other, and that means not questioning when your wife requests you grind things to smithereens and sprinkle it over ice cream.

Other times the favor is more along the lines of "Please don't leave me, I want to bring another dog home." Recently, it was this dog.


We call him Mel. J actually named him, so I suppose he got something out of it too. =) If you find him on petfinder, his name is not Mel. {And yes, he's a he even though we have him in a pink collar; we have a slightly twisted sense of humor around here at times.} We don't know what will happen with sweet Mel, it appears he has hip dysplasia, and not having dealt with hip dysplasia before, we are at a loss of determining if he can find a happy home, or if he is in more pain than he should be made to bear regardless of his home. ={


In the meantime, he's living the life. Yummy food, gentle kisses, good cuddles, soft beds, and people to love him.


That's all I ever want for any of them I suppose. Can't complain. Just like I can't complain about my Hubs, who sweetly obliges my whims, both of the ice cream and dog variety.*

*Among others, I can't lie. ;)

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Libby said...

So maybe you can change this title to "What happened to October"!! Isn't it scary how fast time is flying???