Monday, October 26, 2009

What else would he be?

Really, was there any question what the Bug might be for Halloween?!


I know, I know, we're so predictable. So this isn't his first Halloween, technically he has been among the living for 3 full Halloweens now (counting this one, which I do realize has not occurred according to the calendar yet), but this is his first Halloween.


I didn't grow up with a great love for Halloween. Nothing against it, but I just didn't enjoy coming up with costumes and I'm an awful liar, so it always felt like such a farce to be dressed up as something/someone else. {Wait, no, I'm not implying that people who love Halloween are great liars. Just needed to clarify that.} In years past, the little man wasn't old enough to express his own interest in or enthusiasm for Halloween, hence no costumes, etc. And we don't live in a setting ripe for trick-or-treating, so it was a non-issue. Fine by me. ;)

Anyway, this is Bugga's first year having a costume. Naturally, I stuck close to what I know. He still doesn't quite get the whole concept, and getting him to "choose" a costume wasn't really happening--it changed by the moment, depending on what he might be looking at or eating or what book we just read. I, in turn, looked around me and hatched a plan. Go figure. It was something I could make easily and cheaply, and inspiration of the canine nature always abounds around these parts. =)

So here he is. Of course there's a tail.


What, you've never seen a doggie driving a truck?!


No, we won't be trick-or-treating next weekend. Truth is, we just don't need the sugar. Just ask my family--2 glasses of juice and a popsicle and I think we all learned our lesson. ;) {To think, I was only gone 10 minutes!} We might find some other costume-friendly avenue for an outing, or he might just dress up again and be part of the pack for the day. HA!

A tired dog is a happy dog.


By the way...where did October go?! ;)


mrs boo radley said...

I, too, am singing my October lamentation today...

Cute Bug. You know what I mean.

Chris F said...

Love it! Cutest dog ever and if he wants he can borrow our kennel again!

Anonymous said...

Love the costume. Never will forget Cassie being a dog 2 years in a row. During the 101 Dalmation craze. She wore a white stocking cap, white sweatshirt and pants. I had made black dots using a cut in half potato and black paint. I made a tail and ears. It was great fun and she was so cute....well, until someone said..."oh, what a cute cow you are!!!" Anyway, Grady is adorable.