Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't ask...

Don't ask what these are...


I couldn't tell you. Personally, I just call them...pretty...and wild...and abundant on our little slice of this great planet.

My jelly jar glasses get a bit lonely too and I thought I'd give one of them something pretty to hold on to for a bit. ;)

I've been feeling the sting of this lately...


Empty nest. =( Okay, so it's still rather full in all reality, but "empty" can be such a relative term. Bran and Sula--recent foster-dogs-extraordinaire--both journeyed to new families this past Friday. It landed me in a bit of a funk for a few days. Now I've settled back into the {mostly} easy life with just the Bug, Paisley, crazy felines, and the hubs to keep in line. HA!

And anyway, how can I be lonely with this little face around?!


I call him many names too...Bugga...Goofer Snoodle...Little...Buggie...BuggO....My Little Turkey. ;)

Whatever I choose to call him, this is my new favorite face:


This is the face that makes my insides do backflips and turn to jelly all at the same time. I'm told--by J, who I suppose has studied my face more closely than anyone else at this point--that he gets this face from me. That my nose does this same scrunch, right up between the eyes. I'm guessing, it doesn't look near so cute on me. It's a face of consternation sometimes, just silliness others. Regardless of its roots at any given moment, I love when this expression pops across his little face.

This wraps up the random update for today. ;) Thanks for stopping by! =)

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Nichole said...

I love that face! It actually reminded me of Jedd when I first saw it!