Sunday, February 22, 2009


So what do you do when your 22-month-old keeps saying the f* word...over and over...and over again?

Well, for starters, you don't go out.  Goodness knows you don't want to be at the grocery store or the library when your cute toddler starts in with the trucker talk. ;)  Especially since he has really ditched the whole whisper-shy routine in favor of the top-of-the-lungs, make-sure-everyone-knows-I'm-here routine. =)

The next step is trying to keep your giggles to a minimum, so as not to encourage this new "word."  

For the record, NO, J and I do not use this word in our day to day discussions.  And NO, we rarely ever watch television when Bugga is awake, so he couldn't have gotten it there either.  My suspicion is that he is simply playing with new sounds and his ability to put sounds together.  Lucky us, he seems to have landed on a favorite combo that just so happens to be a taboo slang word.  Yippee!

It would appear the third step, for me at least, is to tell all of you. ;)  Who knows, maybe he'll be seeing some of you who visit this site and I wouldn't want anyone being surprised when my son drops an f* bomb and I just sit idly by as if it didn't just happen.

In other news, LuLu got adopted yesterday by a wonderful family with three young boys and two dedicated parents.  Life will be good for Lu, I can feel it.  Of course, I feel life will be good for all our fosters with their new families, or else I wouldn't let them go. ;)  

Before we took off for her new home and family, we attempted some family portraits to remember our good times.  Despite the overwhelming response Lu brought in terms of suitors and admirers, she remained with us longer than any of our previous foster dogs, including Miss Bailey.  Lu was with us a whopping two and a half months.  Still nothing compared to how long some dogs wait, whether in foster homes or in kennel runs at local shelters.  I really do plead with people...ADOPT if you are looking for a pet, there are just countless homeless animals out there.  I know, I'm a broken record with my standard PSA...yet I can't quite leave it un-said.

Anyway, here are some shots of Lu's final days with us.  Bugga and his girls on the lounger.


Attempted family portraits...


Everyone but Monkey made it in. =)  She's far too independent-minded to join a group shot.  HAHA.  


(For those not in the know, Monkey is our nearly senior female cat...the one who is tiny and spirited and has gone up against foxes and who knows what else and lived to tell the tale.  Well, not quite on the telling the tale part--we wish--but she is definitely still with us.)

Up close and personal with Luey, isn't she gorgeous?! 

Paisley is enjoying the incredibly spoiled and privileged life of an only-dog for right now.  We are hopelessly lazy dog owners when we are down to just her, because even at her worst around here, she is so easy.  She is still our give-an-inch, take-a-mile PaiPai girl though, so I'm sure the gravy train will have to stop soon.  For now, though...well, let's just say I was mighty warm in bed last night.  ;)


mrs boo radley said...

What lovely group shots!


Leslie said...

Just found your blog via Elizabeth's most recent post about their thrilling basketball season, and I'm glad I did. This is hysterical, thanks to the sense of humor you've kept about the "trucker talk!"