Saturday, February 14, 2009

The shape of Valentines...

It's that day.  The day of hearts and candies and flowers, oh my!  

But around here this morning, this was the shape of things...

Bugga up at 6:30, WAY too early.
Came to our bed, was acting all squirrel-y.
J changed him, put him back to bed, gave him his books
and came back to rest.
A couple hours later, we hear him around.
We come out to find, a huge mess to be found.
He had the Natures ;)

Then the dogs...someone brought poop in on their paw,
Pai wouldn't eat, she must have sensed it all.
Turtle's been sick, so pills he must have,
he won't eat either, but he pees in the house. =(

Everything and everyone finally cleaned up,
I open the computer to find...
The Bugga had been there too. ={
Oh my!  Indeed.
Somehow he opened countless windows
and changed the background to this:


{See...he loves her...but not in a weird way, HAHAHAHA.}

I have no idea how he managed it either...

So there you have it, the REAL shape of things around here this morning.  Not that I am ever deliberately fake on here, but I do sometimes keep some of the ugly details of everyday life to myself.  This morning though, it all had me laughing too hard to keep to myself. ;)

Happy Valentines!  Hope yours is more glamorous, more romantic, more calm than ours has been so far.  *Though I can't say for sure if I'd trade you...hehe.  I take my lumps and love 'em. =)  Most of the time. ;)

I'll share a few more pictures before I go.  It's the least I can do for having written both "pee" and "poop" in this post.  ;)

J has been on a black-and-white kick lately, so most anything I post in black-and-white was taken by him.  =)


Momma messing with him...and then Paisley joining in too. ;)


What is it with little ones and their parents' bed?!  He thinks it is hilarious to jump in our bed and throw himself under the covers.  Here he is demonstrating, complete with his signature one-eyed squint. =)


We routinely start the day now with the sound of Bug opening his door, waiting a moment, and then scurrying across the span from his room to ours, coming in and hopping in bed with us.  It is actually a pretty fun way to wake up these days (as long as it's not too early).


Trying on Momma's big winter socks. =)


Forget babylegs, he can just wear my socks, HAHA.


~Excuse the graininess of some of these photos, the ISO was CRANKED this morning and I didn't realize it and since we really haven't ventured much into the world of post-processing on our photos, I just left it. ;)

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mrs boo radley said...

Oh my! What a surprise!

Love the baby legs.