Saturday, January 24, 2009

We made it...

We are home at last.  Hey...Chris and Nichole, here's a haiku I wrote about our trip home today:

Restless is the boy,
Mom and Pop can't make him stop.
Restless on the plane.


Good thing I had lots of good memories to get me by when I closed my eyes to pretend that Bugga was being still next to me. ;)  You know, versus the reality of him bouncing like a pinball between all our seats.  HA!  

Okay, okay..I'm finally back with pictures in tow.  I do apologize for the delay. ;)  This is going to be fairly random too, so if you like order and reason...well, what are you doing here?!  HAHA.

Our little walking advertisement.  Better than a sandwich board at least.


Daly dog, in the flesh.  Er, fur.  Exhausted from all the wedding day hoopla.


A father-son moment to be...uh, proud of???  That is what you get for giving the boy hubies J!


Budding artists.  For sure. ;)


The happy couple, 2 days post-wedded bliss.


Ring thing.  Brandon engaging in the time-honored new-husband tradition of incessant ring-twisting.  I love it!


You know, if the artist thing doesn't pan out...


Uncle Brandon's hat (photo taken by Auntie Lindsey).


J, Bugga, me in Seattle (another photo courtesy of Miss Lindsey).


Lindsey and Daly dog.


Could she be any more adorable???


Exploring the Seattle Aquarium. We joked that people must have thought he was a "famous baby" because we had so many cameras on him...and so many people staring. ;)


I have to end with these because they totally crack me up!  Here is Bugga with his Uncle Chris and cousin Kaylee, all being silly for the webcam.

Photo 54

Sleeping Bug.  Snoring pups.  Purring kitties.  Home sweet home.  Good night all! ;)

Welp, looks like January is going down as a low-blog month around here.  Maybe because it seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye...scary!  Have no fear, February is almost here. ;)  Oh wait, it's a short month.  AGH!  At least we plan on staying close to home...

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Nichole said...

Thanks for the haiku; I enjoyed it! ;)