Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Many Faces of Bugga

Grady is at a stage where he just makes so many faces, each day a new funny face it seems.  So expressive, I love it!!!

These are from Christmas morning.


It was pretty low-key, as you can imagine.  Just the three of us, and the pets of course.  Nice and quiet, which suits us perfectly.  In case anyone is wondering, yes, I went old-school and wrapped his gifts in newspaper.  ;)


I adore his little dino sleeper.  He actually got it last Christmas from Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Brandon!  Can you believe it?  I can't figure out how it is still fitting, unless it is a magical grow-with-me sleeper.  And if devils you, where did you find such a thing?!  HAHAHA.


This is my favorite. =)  One of the books he got is Big Wolf and Little Wolf and we love to read it as a family.  I am "Mama Wolf," "Little Wolf" and narrator, J is "Big Wolf" and sometimes narrator.  Bugga lends his voice to some good family-style howling at the end. ;)  


On nights when Papa isn't home for bedtime because of work, when we read this book and I am reading/singing Big Wolf's lines, Grady stops and says "Papa" a couple times for good measure.  As if to say "nice try, Momma, but Papa is really Big Wolf." ;)  

Happy Wednesday to all!  Within a week we'll be in WA.  WOOHOOO!  =)  And within 2 weeks we'll be in CO.  WOOHOOO again. ;)  The happy traveling Jacksons are taking to the road again, or rather the sky really.  Should be another fun adventure.  


t h a i t r a i t said...

Ooh, you're coming out west!

Newspaper wrapping--I heart you.

How old is the Bug?

Trish Chibas said...

He is just too darn cute for his own good. I love the newspaper wrapping!

Chris F said...

I love it! Are you just going for visits to WA and CO or events?