Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On any given day...

These are two sights you will see in our home.



holding down the rug.



holding down the pillows (all 7 lbs, soaking wet, of her).

We have cats. Have I mentioned this?! Amidst all the Bugga-ladled posts, and all the pittie-ladled posts, have I mentioned these family members?

I was once a cat person. In some sense, I still am, or obviously these two kooks wouldn't be here. But once, I was a cat person, who was decidedly not a dog person. Imagine! Something flipped in my brain, or maybe just my circumstances, who knows. Either way, the canine species entered our realm of existence and the poor cats had to come along for the ride and hope they weren't forgotten entirely.

They ensure that they remain on radar by ruining furniture. And howling at inappropriate times. And having nasty cat fights in the living room at 6 a.m. just to make sure I'm alert to their plight. Oh and leaving furry evidence on every surface they can manage to touch (and sometimes by the miracle of air flow physics, surfaces I can't imagine they could ever touch).


Yes, cats live here too and I wear the evidence like any proud cat owner. Not in the form of kitty cat sweatshirts or anything (eh...do people still wear those?). Today I display the evidence on my blog.


I have been MIA once again. Sometimes I go missing because life is so legendary I can't be bothered to blog. HA! {Okay, truthfully, this has never once happened!} Lately, it is more because life has been almost unfairly of the boo variety and I spend way too much of my mental energy just trying to make sense of it. Maybe in time, when recent events have settled a bit more, are a bit less raw, and I feel a tad more hope, I'll be able to share. Thanks to any readers who have hung in and still occasionally venture to this forgotten corner of the cyber world.


Rinalia said...

I am decidedly NOT a cat person! I love cats as I love all animals, but they are just alien beings to me. Plus, I'm pretty sure my dogs agree. :)

Hope to see you blogging more, when you're up to it!! I really love seeing your photos. :)

Dog Foster Mom said...

I knew you had cats, but never saw pictures before - they are beautiful. I love how Turtle holds down the rug - he obviously does a fabulous job of it. I'm like you - I used to be a cat person. And I admit to still wearing cat sweatshirts from time to time (what can I say - I have no sense of style). But the dogs got to me, and now I'm definitely a dog person that loves cats almost as much. Anyway, I'm sorry things have been rough lately but I hope things get easier soon.

Amanda said...

Thanks Rinalia! They are alien to me too in many ways, which just means I have aliens in my house. Gees, could it get crazier?! ;)

Oh Laurie, no offense on the cat sweatshirts really! I bet you rock a mean cat sweatshirt--style depends all in how you carry yourself, right?!

Turtle IS excellent at holding down rugs. He's almost 20 lbs, so it must be how he earns his kibble. ;)

Thanks for the encouragement.

Libby Hagen said...

I'm really relieved to hear Turtle is a "happy" boy, our most recent addition, Sasha, came as a pathetic little wisp of an alley cat and has gradually changed into a sumo wrestler/buddha belly. She has also become comfortable enough to lay in the middle of the floor flat on her back, or to curl up on the dog's bed, knowing they wouldn't dare kick her off. (They don't)
Glad to see the pictures, hang in there, life's lessons come in all kinds of weird packages.

Anonymous said...

whoa! what fun!!! they seem like easy going AWESOME kitties who rule the place from behind the scenes. That's the way to do it - my Bubbas are in your face for sure. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have them back off for a while.

Great fotos.