Wednesday, August 19, 2009

*Yawn* *Blink*

Well, at least the coffee is on, maybe that will help. The last week has been something of a blur.

The short version: last Thursday, Puppies + Sula + Bran went to a vet in the cities, then the puppies went home with Laura, another Director for MN Pit Bull Rescue; {Friday the pups all got spayed/neutered, though that was all on Laura, as I was home having the laziest day of my entire Summer}; Saturday ALL the program dogs were at a Grand Opening event for a new dog training facility; then Sunday, a carload of pooches and Laura and I drove all over MN (well, it sure felt like it) for adoptions and foster placements.

Whew...that was the short version?! ACK, I've never been good at being concise. ;)

At any rate, driving home from the vet last Thursday, knowing I was coming home to a puppy-free environment, driving with Sula next to me, I couldn't help but feel like it was just the day prior that we had brought her home. With her insanely large belly containing who-knew-how-many puppies. Of course, we were soon to know, we just didn't know it at the time. ;) Okay, I'm not making much sense, but the point is, I felt like I blinked and it was over. The puppies were graduating to a life without their Momma, I was going home to a lonely--yet admittedly less busy and stressful--household. There were tears, but goodness, that's nothing new with me. ;)

Thankfully, I've been blessed to see my little snuggle-muffins a few times since last Thursday. I even kind of lucked out and landed one back here with our family while she waits for another foster placement. I feel lucky to be enjoying this special time with Bobbie, but I miss her sissies and bro too.

It also looks like Momma Sula has found herself a new family, though she is still here for the time being while we more fully assess her temperament and give her time to heal and rest up now that the puppies have gone...except for Miss Bob, of course, who is temporarily back. So...more tears, but what's new?!

Here are some parting shots of the pups we took a week ago today, their final full day with our family.

Sula's last nursing of the pups. This is how she nursed primarily for their last 3 weeks with her, reluctant, but still dedicated. ;)


Token boy of the litter, Mugsy. Already completely shameless in his cuddle-monster ways with any human who is close enough to reach out and touch.


Originally Marie, now Nya. Hello Junkyard Puppy. ;) She worked hard on this hole, then just laid in the cool earth she uncovered. This is also Mini-Paisley, in so many ways, not the least of which is her coloring.


Una. Oh Una.


J was so thoroughly enamored with Una, he harassed me relentlessly for days about her expected return date to our home. =( "She's not coming back honey, you know that." Such sadness. But darn, little Tramp Stamp, the temptation was there, believe me. =)

Hey Char, why must you be so stunning?!


I have a disproportionate number of pics of Charlotte. I can't explain it. She either made herself more available or I was drawn in a way I was unaware of. A mystery.


Tre telling Charlotte a secret. I bet it was a good one. Maybe it would solve the mystery of all the pictures I have of her...hmmmmm. ;)


And then there's Fergie, now Suvi.


She was more attracted to Bugga than any of them, another mystery I can't explain. Especially considering he wasn't always exactly gentle when faced with their attempts at getting close to him.


Dot. My Pokey Little Puppy. Oh how I adore her, and her little extra skin flaps around her nose, that filled with dirt and made her look ridiculous within moments of playing outside.


Look at all that wrinkly, fuzzy skin....ahhhhh, it kills me! I will most certainly need to see how these littles grow into some of that good stuff. =)

Tre and Bobbie. The girls everyone mistook for boys. ;)


Bobbie looks so different already, if we could get some sunshine, I'd get some updated pictures. Tre is a soft girl, and I mean that both physically and temperamentally. She's going to need a soft touch, structure with tons of love to bring out all her best. Bobbie is more confident, more ready for whatever crosses her path. She takes on the 3 big dogs, including her Momma, in this house with little fanfare.

Sweet Tre. Oh and those blue eyes of hers I spoke of in the past....yup, they went green (like so many of us these days, HAHA).


Uncle Bran!


J trying to lure the whole crew into a group shot. It proved to be insanely challenging. But check out Una's earnest attempt at that treat, gotta love her!


The closest we came. I'm sure Fergie/Suvi is in there, she just is hidden in the back. If you click to make it big, I'm about 99.357% sure that the black spot above/behind Tre and Charlotte is her backside. ;)


Have I mentioned Sula is so very food motivated. This is her determined to get more out of J.


"Uhhh...hey, see this, this is called sitting, I'm doing it exceptionally well. Do you have a little something there, in the bag, in your pocket...just a little something...give a girl some encouragement man!"

I have more, many more, pics of The Great 8, as I dubbed them. I'm just starting to feel like they thoroughly took over the blog and some readers may well be mighty sick of pup-a-palooza.

Plus, Bug just requested I read him a book called Naughty Parents. Gees...he's getting pretty good at getting right to the point, huh?! ;) Better go!


Lisa Tatsuko said...

OM Goodness, what a cute bunch you have here! What's their story!

(I found you through your post on my Printz Photo Blog!)

* L

Nichole said...

Love the pics as usually . . . I can't believe how fast the time went either! For some reason I think the picture of Tre and Bobbie underneath the chair make them look much bigger than the rest of the pups in the other pictures.

nathaniel, elizabeth, & grace said...

All of these gorgeous pictures makes me want dog #2 bad!

G&M said...

Love the pictures and the story alongside! I have to agree with Nichole about the picture of Tre and Bobbie looking bigger than the rest... too cute. It amazes me period how big they actually got... time goes by too fast... for our children, and even our sweet beloved doggies and their puppies :(

Emily said...

hi amanda, i found your blog through Me Ra Koh's blog...oh my goodness, you have a ton of wonderful doggie shots! and people shots too (of course!), but at the moment it's the dogs that are speaking to me. :)

i was so surprised to see that one of the puppies is (was? i guess their new people my change her name) named una, as that is the name of our dog. who just happens to be a pit mix!

we decided it wouldn't be the best decision to move her across the ocean and into an apartment so she lives with my parents now. gosh, i miss having a dog around. will have to bookmark your blog so i get get my four-legged friend fix whenever i am especially missing nuzzling those corn chip paws (btw--i adore puppy breath).